Welcome to aiohttp-demos

If you want to create an application with aiohttp there is a step-by-step guide for Polls application (Getting started). The application is similar to the one from Django tutorial. It allows people to create polls and vote.

There are also many other demo projects, give them a try!

Example Projects

We have created for you a selection of fun projects, that can show you how to create application from the blog to the applications related to data science. Please feel free to add your open source example project by making Pull Request.

  • Shortify - URL shortener with Redis storage.
  • Moderator - UI and API for classification of offensive and toxic comments using Kaggle data and scikit-learn.
  • Moderator bot - Slack bot for moderating offensive and toxic comments using provided model from Moderator AI
  • Motortwit - Twitter clone with MongoDB storage.
  • Imagetagger - Example how to deploy deep learning model with aiohttp.
  • Chat - Simple chat using websockets.
  • Polls - Simple polls application with PostgreSQL storage.
  • Blog - The blog application with PostgreSQL storage and Redis session store.
  • Graphql - The simple real-time chat that based on the GraphQL api and Apollo client.